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Lisa Anne Miller "Mel"
September 30, 1964 ~ April 25, 2020 (age 55)

“Be the things you loved most about those who are gone” – Unknown

Mel was struck by a simple but profound idea. To build a business organization for women that was based on strong relationships. She was not interested in networking or lead curation as reason for getting together. She was genuinely interested in connection and empowering women.


A good leader is defined by a willingness to serve and do what needs to be done to finish the job while delegating, empowering, and trusting the people with whom she works. A good leader is always looking to grow and become more self-aware. A leader perpetually seeks to improve herself while encouraging the people around her to do the same. That was Mel.


One of Mel’s more recognizable superpowers was to see in others what they could hardly see in themselves. She was very adept at teasing out the best parts of the women she knew and encouraging them to bloom. She inspired all of us to be our best and in turn, we inspire others to do the same. 


It’s been said that creating a legacy is akin to planting a garden you never get to see. Not only did Mel plant a garden, but she also curated gardeners. The legacy she left is now ours to live.


Mel loved this organization and she loved each of us. That radiant and infectious smile was genuine, and she will continue to be a true beacon of hope for all of us. She embodied strength, compassion, and light. I know we will all miss her sense of humor, her badassery, her warmth. Mel's life and legacy are transcendent. 


Though we are all impacted by her loss, we must also remember that we are more impacted by her love.

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